It pays to breathe

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Digital health has a dirty secret

Wellness apps have exploded in growth over the last five years. From meditation to fitness to wearables and sleep. The “health and fitness” category of products has made big waves.

But there’s a problem that no one likes to talk about. An industry secret…

Despite their “popularity,” no one actually uses these products. They are the digital versions of gyms. Lots of people pay for them, few actually use it.

No one has made a digital health product that is good for you, and has the same retention as Instagram. While that is a terrible problem, it is also an immense opportunity.

Which is why we’re on a mission to build digital products that are good for you, that you’ll actually use. Our team has spent years making popular wellness apps, and we deeply understand what’s necessary to push the industry forward.

That’s why we’re introducing Bliss, a revolutionary new way to get paid for… breathing.

How it works

In today's world you pay to be healthy. In tomorrow's world, we pay you to be healthy.


Use $BLISS to unlock more visuals

With hundreds of visuals to choose from, and more added monthly. Pay once, enjoy forever.

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$BLISS coin is given value from the sales of visuals as NFTs

Buyers of the NFTs not only get beautiful art, but a percentage of all the $BLISS generated from people relaxing to their visuals.

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Exchange for other crypto or fiat

$BLISS is real money, and can be easily exchanged for other crypto or traditional currencies.

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Watch breathing exercises to mint $BLISS coin

Bliss app detects your breathing and activity to reward you while you’re relaxing.

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why breathing

Our body responds to our breathing. Bliss uses science-backed visual breathing aides to help you relax

About “Resonant Frequency Breathing”

Visual breathing guides you to breathe at your resonant frequency, which extensive research has shown impacts many areas of your wellbeing...

Helps improve symptoms of depression and anxiety
Lets your body fall asleep faster and sustain deeper sleep
Immediately improves energy levels and prevents burnout

“Crypto-wellness” begins with Bliss

The incentives in healthcare are terrible. Our bodies are looked at by companies as profit centers. The unhealthier we are, the more money can be made off of them.

Cryptocurrency technology is allowing us to build a better infrastructure to flip those incentives. By utilizing "Proof of Activity," we can reward you for taking the actions necessary to keep your body and mind in tip top shape.

Breathing is just the beginning. In the future you'll see crypto-wellness completely change how we think of exercise, nutrition, sleep, and more.